Maldives Is Now Open To Global Tourists

Its been a long time since we have been quarantined at home and for sure most of you are already getting crazy about going out, travelling, and going to the beach.

Well, here is the good news, the small island nation in South Asia, Maldives is now open for tourism. Meaning it is now open to international tourists after its closure due to the pandemic and tourists are not required to present any certificate confirming that they are negative from the virus. The island nation will allow tourists to come in without prior testing or quarantines.

International tourists will only be allowed to stay in the resort islands, and they must book their stay in one registered hotel only.

And despite the decline in the aviation industry, it is still possible to fly to Maldives right now. Although there are no direct flights from the Philippines to Maldives there are still airlines that offers connecting flights that resumed their operations such as Emirates and Etihad Airways.

Maldives decided to reopen its borders again because tourism is what accounts for the majority of their foreign exchange earnings.

Rest assured that Maldives is giving priority to the health and safety of all tourists and residents because according to a statement from the Ministry of Tourism of Maldives they already have issued COVID-19 safe tourism guidelines along with certification programs to ensure the safety and hygiene of all tourism facilities.

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