5 Social Distancing Ideas For Your Next Vacation

Lockdown is easing in different ways and at different times. As we begin to come out of lockdown many of us are faced with challenges because it’s been a while since we’ve seen the outside world again. In terms of coming outside and deciding to take a break from all the stress that you’ve been feeling lately, we know that it’s hard because there is still this uncertainty when going outside. But of course, the last thing that we want right now is to feel more stressed and anxious. Other than thinking of our safety during the pandemic it’s also important for us to manage our wellbeing and mental health. And to do that we need a change of scenery, a vacation. But if you don’t want to be stuck in a place where there are a lot of people, here are some creative ideas for a socially distanced vacation for 2020.

1. Rent a private resort.

When you’re on vacation, you want to be able to relax. If you go to a public resort, it would be hard to do that because not only will there be a lot of people but you would also feel stress about trying to keep your distance from people. So, one best way for you to be on a vacation where you will feel relaxed and safe is by renting a private resort.

A private resort offers you a lot more privacy and tranquility. Plus, you get to have more space for you and your family, wherein you can walk, run, and play around freely without having to think of getting infected by the virus.

2. Do an RV camping.

Hit the road with an RV. You can cook, sleep, even go to the restroom all from the safety of an RV.

Campervans may not be that popular here in the Philippines but with the situation that we are faced with right now, its not such a bad thing to try out and experience new things. Besides, there are a lot of wonderful natural places in the Philippines that you can explore.

3. Go for a drive-in.

With a lot of cinemas shutting down due to the pandemic, drive-in movie theaters are slowly coming back again. If you miss seeing movies on the big screen, this is the socially distanced way to do it. Bring your own drinks and popcorn to be as socially distanced as possible.

If you though that drive-in movies are only possible in other countries, well then worry no more because SM City Pampanga started operating a drive-in cinema. Hopefully, we get to have more near the metro.

4. Virtual vacation

There are a lot of virtual tours being offered online. From museum tours, to theme park tours, and even national heritages tour.

Going on a virtual tour is the safest way of vacationing without having to worry about getting in contact with other people. With a virtual vacation, not only are you safe but you can also explore history and learn about new cultures.

5. Day trip


If you have a car then you can plan a short day-trip vacation for you and your family. Plan a daytrip to a local destination that you would like to go, pack your food for the trip, and plan on activities that you can do while on the trip.

Having a day trip can be fun and at the same time it can minimize your contact with others.

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